Our Mission


Serving students from every College within the University, the Gigot Center aims to foster innovation and "create a sense of the possible" among current and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship offers an exciting curriculum that emphasizes the core of entrepreneurship: vision and strategic thinking. Dedicated faculty and successful entrepreneurs help students conduct discovery analysis to identify emerging and unmet market needs and validate innovative business models to enable successful launch. Recognizing that intuition is essential for every entrepreneur, students are challenged to "think like entrepreneurs" so that they will be able to recognize opportunities and face challenges head-on.


In partnering with companies and alumni from around the globe, Notre Dame students gain vital experience and are challenged to use their intellect and passion to make a difference. Through the Advisory Board and Notre Dame's alumni network, the Gigot Center provides access to a supportive community necessary for students to build successful businesses. The Gigot Center serves as a bridge providing aspiring Notre Dame entrepreneurs connectivity to a range of additional resources including:


Encouraging "the passion for creating value" is at the heart of the Gigot Center. Our aim is to build “entrepreneurial confidence” in our students, challenging them to experience first-hand how to conduct customer discovery, assess concept feasibility and validate a business model. Along the way, they learn how to secure funding, how to interpret the law and how to determine what government regulations apply to their businesses. But a Gigot Center education goes far beyond that. Professors set expectations about the challenges of running a business. They stress the importance of liking what you do. They talk about treating employees well and balancing business and family life. When aspiring entrepreneurs have a passion for their business, they have every chance to succeed. Our desire is to help ignite and sustain this passion.