From a young age, Kelsey Falter had startups in her blood. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, she asked for her own domain name at age 8. By 9, she was bored with the site’s lack of colors and creative tools, and began teaching herself to code. Later, as a Graphic Design student at Notre Dame, Kelsey found herself always drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit on campus.

While still an undergrad, Kelsey developed her own startup called Markover, which was a site for creative people who wanted to collaborate on projects in real time. Kelsey won prize money from BetaBeat’s “The Pitch” competition as well as Lerer Ventures and SoftBank. Next, she traveled to New York City to pitch to TechStarsNY and was chosen as a finalist among 1,600 applicants. 

With a passion for understanding how people form ideas, Kelsey decided to pivot her focus to PopTip, a startup that helps companies conduct social media surveys and analyze online conversations. By synthesizing social conversation in real-time, Poptip helps name-brand companies analyze chatter on social networks and send targeted messages. The company was launched in 2012 and now works with top media broadcasters and Fortune 500 brands including Budweiser, the NFL and the NBA to name a few. 

Poptip was acquired two years later by Palantir Technologies Inc., one of the most valuable and secretive privately-held startups in Silicon Valley. In 2014 Kelsey was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Tech. She was named one of Business Insider’s 25 and Under in NY Tech 2012 list and received the L’Oréal Women in Digital Award in 2013.