Weekend Student Adventures


After an eye-opening and life changing semester abroad in Rome during the Spring of 2008, Andy Steves saw an opportunity to provide fun, efficient and culturally immersive travel experiences for students abroad in Europe. He leveraged a lifetime of travel growing up with his father, Rick Steves and took the opportunity to develop and refine the concept of a tour company for students abroad in Europe in the annual McCloskey Business Plan competition.

After a semi-final finish in 2009, Andy consolidated the feedback received from the judges, and recruited a team of undergrads, MBA students and an excellent mentor in John Anthony to take the plan to the next level in the following year. And the WSA Europe team came away with the Grand Prize out of 101 teams in 2010.

WSA empowers travelers to become immersed in the cities they visit by experiencing cultures as a local, rather than merely observing them. WSA pairs groups of students with professional, hand-selected locals in eah of the cities they visit. All 12 guides (located in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Rome, London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Barcelona) are passionate about their home towns and take travelers off the beaten path. In addition, transportation, delicious meals, unique local activities, passes to skip the lines, and top-rated hostels are all included in the deal. With trips available all over Europe, Andy has already offered amazing travel experiences to thousands of happy customers, and generated extensive positive reviews on the ever-important TripAdvisor!

Andy Steves has his first guidebook coming out June 2016, and is currently seeking funding to take his line of unguided D.I.Y. travel packages called 'Detours' to the general traveling public. To find out more about Weekend Student Adventures, please visit http://www.wsaeurope.com/