Ideas Challenge

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Jordan Audiotorium:  Mendoza College of Business
5 pm: register to PITCH an idea/5:30 pm pitches begin!

Our challenge is simple. Bring an idea to share.  Here’s the scoop:

  • Come prepared with a 60-second “pitch” to explain your new business venture – whether an amazing new scientific or engineering technology, service, or product that will impact lives – all ideas are welcome!
  • No registration is necessary – those pitching will sign in upon arrival.
  • One pitch per student will be allowed.
  • No PowerPoint slides are allowed – this “elevator pitch” simulates a chance encounter with an investor on an elevator – 60 seconds to “pitch” your idea to a potential investor!
  • Ideas must be new and unique this year – not something already “pitched” last year.
  • Open to all current ND students – graduate and undergraduate students are welcome!

Don’t have an idea?  Come simply to listen.  The best ideas will be determined by audience vote!

Win serious cash and prizes!

$2,500 in cash and prizes will be awarded by audience vote for the best ideas: 

  • Apple Watch for the best idea
  • Amazon Echo Speaker for 2nd Prize
  • Fuiji Insta Max Cameras
  • $100 cash prizes for the 10 most promising online media ideas
  • $100 cash prizes for the 3 most innovative solutions for adapting to climate change
  • $50 prizes for best social and healthcare ideas
  • Win $$ gift cards for Chipotle, Starbucks, Jimmy John's and much more.


Let us help:

"I need a BIG idea."  Myth!  Any idea is welcome.  Revolutionary businesses have come from small ideas.

"I need to have my idea fully developed."  Myth!  Keep it simple.  Come ready to simply share your idea with others.

"This is only for business majors. " NO!  We invite students from all disciplines on campus!!!

"Prizes?"  You bet:  students win $2,500 in cash and prizes for best ideas and gift cards galore!!!

YOU determine the outcome – best ideas by audience vote!

Join us for this opportunity to share ideas, celebrate the best ideas, and network with other
like-minded entrepreneurial thinkers.  This is a wild and crazy and FUN event
for students only.  Come to pitch an idea or simply to listen – support your friends!!!