Gigot Center Colleagues Featured at the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Centers

Author: Gigot Newsletters

Gigot Center Director Sam Miller and Associate Director Karen Slaggert have been invited to present workshops at the annual meeting of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship (GCEC) in October at the University of Florida.  GCEC is an organization of 200+ collegiate entrepreneurship centers focused on helping foster collaboration and communication on the specific issues and challenges confronting university-based entrepreneurship centers.

Sam Miller will be presenting on Entrepreneurial Foresight, collaborating with a team from the University of Colorado to share ideas on how to identify, understand, and take action towards emerging entrepreneurial opportunities.  The talk will blend research from the Colorado team on “identity theory” (why might one choose to be an entrepreneur) with best practices in foresight for sensing emerging opportunities early. 

Karen Slaggert will be featured in 3 different workshops:  she will be defending the business plan in The Great Debate: Is the Business Plan Really Dead?, challenging the relevance of the business plan in a world driven by laser focus on the lean startup movement and business model canvas.  She’ll also be presenting some exciting new and innovative opportunities we’ve created for students in the McCloskey Business Plan Competition.  Finally, she will share about our new Seed Funding Practicum, an exciting immersive learning opportunity for Mendoza MBA students, blending on-site immersive learning with classroom work, led by ND’s very own Irish Entrepreneur/angel investor Jim Hunt.  We are very excited to represent the Mendoza College and the University of Notre Dame at this meeting of leading entrepreneurship educators.

GCEC presentation – Sam Miller

  • Student Values, Virtues and Foresight: Building Foundations Before Providing Tools
    Thomas Duening and Matthew Metzger, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    Sam Miller, University of Notre Dame

GCEC presentations – Karen Slaggert

  • Great Debate III:  Is the Business Plan Really Dead? 
    John Mullins, London Business School
    Karen Slaggert, University of Notre Dame
    Michael Morris, University of Florida
  • Fabulous New E Classes:  Students Solving Wicked Problems, Effectuating, and Mastering Seed Funding
    Kathleen Allen, University of Southern California
    Kent Lutz, University of Cincinnati
    Karen Slaggert, University of Notre Dame
  • New Models for Venture Competitions within and between Universities
    Susan Scherreik-Hynes, Seton Hall University
    Ian Mashiter, Boston University
    Karen Slaggert, University of Notre Dame

These workshops will showcase the leadership of the Mendoza College of Business, and position the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship for continued reputational excellence in developing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.