Irish Entrepreneurs Network

Irish Entrepreneurship Network

One of the most powerful resources at the disposal of the Gigot Center is our Irish Entrepreneurs Network, a distinctively Notre Dame network of hundreds of alumni and friends who are experienced in entrepreneurial endeavors and interested in supporting new venture development.  An integral part of the Gigot Center, the Irish Entrepreneurs Network is a forum for entrepreneurial-minded members of the Notre Dame family to contact each other for the purposes of networking and developing new business opportunities. Members of the Irish Entrepreneurs Network hail from all over the world and a variety of industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to technology and finance. They possess a broad range of skills and include senior executives, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers, bankers, engineers, scientists, educators and manufacturers. This network is broad and deep and can mobilize to provide advice and expertise in most any sector, specialty, or geography.

This network serves to support many of the important initiatives of the Gigot Center, serving as mentors and judges in the annual McCloskey Business Plan Competition, on campus guest speakers, and ambassadors for the immersive learning and internship programs offered by the Gigot Center.

These experienced individuals are available to advise and mentor students interested in learning about startups.  For more information, please click the following link: